The Death of GreenZuba and the Beginning of My Second Life


I’m from the woods of New Gretna, NJ. King of the planet GreenZuba. I come from the 3rd generation of the GreenBlood family. Sir name Jimba3rd… Well I was king until a nearby hostile insect galaxy attacked our galaxy. They had devoured all of the other planets on their way towards our galaxy, harvesting the inhabitants of each planet as food. We fought side by side with our neighboring planets, but they were too strong. Friends, Families, Everything we held dear was being wiped out in a blink of an eye. There was no stopping them! The neighboring Kings and High Counsels devised a plan to wipe out this menace once and for all but at the price of our own galaxy. We had no choice. We would self destruct our planets simultaneously sucking the hostile galaxy with it into a black hole. As I and my family, friends and my High Counsel started our planet main power core to overload, a large amount of creatures broke through our forces and were trying to stop us. It was too late the reactors were at critical mass but they tried anyway. I dialed the stargate in a panic and SCREAMED for everyone to come but as I turned to them there was a


I was knocked backwards as I watch everyone disintegrate before my eyes.


I was knocked unconscious. When I awoke I was lying on a beach. Singed and hurt. Dazed and confused. Had it been all a bad dream? I sat up and turned around,


There in the distance was what was left of a stargate in a pile of ashes.



Hours went by as I laid there wishing I was dead, wondering where I was, praying others had made it out alive. I stood up and started down this road of this strange new planet, no longer a king, but now just a wandering wolf.

Off in the distance I saw something shimmer. I went to it and picked it up. My crown.

“Hello old friend”